C# provides a construct that allows the execution of the IDisposable.Dispose() method, at the end of a specific scope.

Umbrella provides an extension that decorates a System.Action (generic or not) in such a way that it will be called when Dispose is called.

For instance, to estimate the execution duration of a method :

    public static void DummyMethod()
        using (TimeMethod())
            Console.WriteLine("I'm in the method...");
            // Do something...

        // The approximate time spent in the using block has been displayed at the end of the using scope.

    public static IDisposable TimeMethod()
        var w = Stopwatch.StartNew();

        Action stopTimer = () => {

        return stopTimer.ToDisposable();

Such a technique allows the separation of the code that need to be timed, and the code the actually times the execution.

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